I'm a professional photographer. I do primarily portrait photography, but also nature, animal and sport photography. I really like taking photos of children. I have my own individual view on reality. My artistic sensibility is expressed mainly in my photos of nature, which may be found on my website.

I've had a few individual exhibitions in the USA, Iceland and Poland. I’ve taken photos for many advertising and social campaigns, including SOS Children's Villages. I’ve also taken photographs of many famous people, which were used in lots of magazines. Charity plays a very important role in my artistic career. I sometimes offer my help to charity organizations.

I also do documentary photography. I record important business, cultural and sporting events. I also run photography workshops.

My work is my passion, I am never without my camera. Whether I have my camera in my hands, or not, I see and feel through photos and it's visible in my artworks. I have created my website for you, enjoy it.